Seoul's Climate Card Tourist Pass

Seoul introduces Unlimited rides “climate card” for tourists starting July 2024

Good news for tourists, the Climate Card, which is new from the Seoul Metropolitan Government, will be available for tourist for the first time and is a way to save … Read more

A weekend in Seoul two-day itinerary cover

A Weekend In Seoul: Perfect Two Day Itinerary For Seoul 2024

Seoul is an incredible place to visit any time of year and you could spend weeks exploring Seoul’s various attractions, parks, culture, history, and fantastic dining spots. However, if you only have a weekend in Seoul, and want to know what places you must visit, then this two day itinerary for Seoul will be perfect for you. You can definitely see the best of Seoul in a weekend.

Inside traditional markets in Korea and Seoul

10 Best Traditional Markets In Korea For Food And Shopping

No trip to Korea would be complete without a visit to a Korean traditional market, such as the massive Namdaemun Market in Seoul or the fresh fish displays of Jagalchi Market in Busan. Whether you want to shop for souvenirs, buy original Korean goods, or simply stuff your face with delicious Korean snacks, traditional markets in Korea have what you’re looking for.

National parks in Korea offer beautiful views

10 Best National Parks In Korea To Visit For Beautiful Views

Travelling to Korea and want to know which are the best national parks near Seoul? Want to experience more of Korea than just the big cities and beaches? Ready to take on a day of hiking and trekking through mountainous national parks with incredible views at any time of the year? Then this guide to the 10 best national parks in Korea will be essential reading for you.

How To Get A Taxi In Korea Cover Image

How To Get A Taxi In Korea: Hailing Or Booking A Taxi 2024

Navigating the bustling streets of Korea can seem daunting, especially when you’re trying to find a reliable mode of transportation. If you’re a tourist exploring the vibrant cities and need to know where to get a taxi, from hailing a cab to booking a taxi through an app, this guide to how to get a taxi in Korea is essential. I’ll show you how to get a taxi, as well as the right price to pay.

Day Trips From Seoul And Tours To See Korean Sights

25 Best Day Trips From Seoul: Tours From Seoul To Try In 2024

As the pulsating capital of Korea, Seoul offers a dizzying array of sights and experiences for visitors. This massive metropolis packs in enough attractions, entertainment, and diversity to keep travellers occupied for months. Yet just beyond the city limits lies a fascinating array of day trip destinations await you. Discover the best Seoul day trips and see more of Korea today.

Seoul River Bus Service On The Han River

Seoul River Bus Service 2024: Travel The Han River By Boat

Seoul continues to establish itself as one of Asia’s most modern and innovative cities. With cutting-edge initiatives ranging from high-tech public transit to creative urban projects, the metropolitan government ensures Seoul offers forward-looking and convenient infrastructure. One highly anticipated 2024 development is the Seoul River Bus Service on the Han River.

Using Wise Card To Send Money To Korea Online

How I Use Wise To Send Money To Korea From Other Countries

If you plan to live or travel in Korea and want to spend money from overseas in Korea, or if you want to send money to an expat living in Korea, this article will help you do that. I will explain how I use Wise to send money to Korea in different currencies and how a Wise account can help you manage money between borders without the hassle of expensive bank transfers.

Temple stay in Korea experience for foreigners

Do A Temple Stay In Korea For An Amazing Experience In 2024

A temple stay in Korea at one of the country’s ancient Buddhist temples offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience traditional Korean culture and temple life firsthand. Temple stays originated as a way for foreigners to learn about Korean Buddhism, but have grown into a fun activity for all. When you visit Korea, I highly recommend a Korean temple stay experience.