10 things to do in Buyeo: Unesco World Heritage City, Korea

10 Things To Do In Buyeo: UNESCO World Heritage City

Want to get out of the big Korean cities and see more cultural, historic, and natural sights that will entertain and educate? Then you should check out all the interesting things to do in Buyeo, a UNESCO World Heritage City located in western Korea.

20 Traditional Korean Foods You Won't Want To Miss

20 Traditional Korean Dishes You Won’t Want To Miss

Do you know what the tastiest traditional Korean dishes are? You might be think of Korean BBQ, or maybe kimchi and ramyeon. These are just the tip of a culinary iceberg that covers a wide range of dining options for all travellers.

You can plumb the depths of an ocean of exquisite tastes, incredible eating experiences, and a variety of flavours, textures, smells, and sights while partaking in Korea’s finest traditional fare.

How To Go To Naejangsan National Park: Amazing Fall Foliage

How To Go To Naejangsan National Park: Fall Foliage Hotspot

This useful guide to exploring Naejangsan National Park will give you the best options for how to go to Naejangsan National Park – one of Korea’s fall foliage hotspots. It will also provide a brief overview of the sights, locations, attractions, and food available at Naejangsan and why you should definitely visit.

How To Survive Summer In Seoul: 20 Tips To Stay Cool

How To Survive Summer In Seoul: 10 Tips To Stay Cool

All of the best tips to help you stay cool and have fun during the hot, hot, hot summer in Seoul. From awesome places to escape the heat, to ways to stay safe and cool, there’s loads of great tips to help you survive the Korean summer.

Do I need to learn Korean to live in Korea?

Do I Need To Learn Korean To Live In Korea?

If you’re planning to make the excellent choice to move to Korea one day, then you’ve probably asked yourself this question. Do you actually need to actually learn Korean to live in Korea? Can you survive day-to-day without being able to speak what is, arguably, a very different language to many other languages in the world.

20 Cool Summer Activities In Korea Everyone Can Enjoy

20 Cool Summer Activities In Korea Everyone Can Enjoy

Not sure if you want to spend summer in Korea as a traveller? Looking for ways to spend days out (or in) during the hot Korean summer? Then this list of 20 cool summer activities in Korea will help you decide if you should travel and what you can do during Korea’s hottest season.

Getting The AstraZeneca Vaccine In Korea

Getting The AstraZeneca Vaccine In Korea: My Experience

Welcome to the first installment of a new series of shorter articles I’m writing about life in Korea. This article is all about my experience getting the AstraZeneca Vaccine in Korea, describing the highs and (mostly lows) of the vaccine process and effects, and my motivation for getting vaccinated early.

Rainy Day In Seoul? Indoor Activities for you

Rainy Day In Seoul: 30 Really Fun Indoor Activities In Seoul

Are you suffering from a rainy day in Seoul that’s come along and messed up your well planned trip? Well don’t worry, this guide to 30 of the best indoor activities in Seoul has you covered! There’s something for everyone, including family fun places, cultural wonders, cozy cafes, and exciting activities you might not even know about.