Korean Food & Drink

Discover the best of Korean food and drink with information about what foods to try in Korea, different types of Korean alcohol and traditional drinks, Korean food culture, and lots more. There’s a mouthwatering selection of traditional, modern, and fusion food in Korea, from spicy ttteokbokki and sweet hotteok to flaming egg-wrapped gimbap and sizzling Korean BBQ. These articles about Korean food and drink will make you hungry for more!

Korean kimchi making day Kimjang pin

I Tried Kimjang! Korean Kimchi Making Day Is Tough But Fun

Come wintertime, families across Korea engage in the beloved tradition of kimjang (or gimjang) - a kimchi making day where Koreans communally prepare batches of healthy kimchi for the winter months ahead. I joined in this decades-old Korean custom that centres around people filling napa cabbages with various fermented seasonings and ingredients to create Korea's iconic side dish, kimchi.

Various Korean Street Food In Seoul

30 Best Korean Street Food: Seoul Street Eats To Try In 2024

If you’re visiting Seoul, you have to try the incredible Korean street food that’s available in traditional markets, from street stalls, and in modern food trucks. There are so many mouthwatering dishes waiting to be devoured, including tteokbokki, hotteok, dakgangjeong, eomuk, and much more. Once you taste street food in Seoul, you’ll want to eat it every day.

Banchan Korean Side Dishes To Try In Korea

10 Best Korean Side Dishes: Banchan You Can Make At Home

What are the best Korean side dishes that you must try when you eat a traditional meal in Korea? What are some delicious banchan you can make at home to impress your friends and family with your Korean cooking skills? Here are ten of the best Korean side dishes to try, details about how to prepare them, and dozens of insights into the world of Korean cuisine.