Expat Life In Korea

If you’ve ever dreamed of moving to Korea, these articles about expat life in Korea will help you plan, move, and settle in Korea successfully. These articles about expat life in Korea, written by several expats in Korea, will show you more about what life in Korea is like from people who have lived, worked, loved, and thrived in the Land of Morning Calm. Learn about popular jobs for expats in Korea, dealing with Korean culture shock, and how to adapt to life in Korea.

Using Wise Card To Send Money To Korea Online

How I Use Wise To Send Money To Korea From Other Countries

If you plan to live or travel in Korea and want to spend money from overseas in Korea, or if you want to send money to an expat living in Korea, this article will help you do that. I will explain how I use Wise to send money to Korea in different currencies and how a Wise account can help you manage money between borders without the hassle of expensive bank transfers.

Emma Mattress Korea Emma Original Mattress

Emma Mattress Korea Review 2024: A Great Night’s Sleep

Do you live in Korea and want to find an affordable yet comfortable mattress that will fit into any sized apartment? Having trouble buying a mattress in Korea and want to find a convenient way to get a high-quality foam mattress delivered to your door? Then you'll definitely want to read this Emma mattress review and find a mattress in Korea that's perfect for you.

Showing my EPIK life with Korean students in a classroom

My EPIK Life: 5 Fun Years Teaching English In Korea

Ever thought about making the move to Korea to start the EPIK life teaching English to Korean students but not sure what it's like? Not sure if the EPIK life is for you and something you'd be able to jump into? I hope to answer those questions, and give you my personal insights into like working, teaching, and living in Korea - somewhere I've called home since 2015.