Travel Essentials

“Travel Essentials” is a comprehensive guide for any traveler planning a journey to Korea. It provides crucial information on what to pack, local weather conditions, currency exchange, and transportation options. It also offers insights into Korea’s unique customs and etiquette, ensuring a respectful and enriching travel experience. From navigating public transport to understanding local dining etiquette, these articles are designed to equip travellers with the knowledge they need for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a seasoned traveler, “Travel Essentials” is your go-to resource for practical travel advice in Korea.

Travel money for visiting Korea

How To Pay In Korea: Cash, Card And Other Payment Methods

Planning to travel to South Korea soon but not sure what's the best way to pay for goods and services in Seoul and beyond? Want to avoid expensive money exchange costs when you arrive in Korea? The issue of how to pay in Korea, whether you should use cash, card, or some other payment means, is a common problem for travellers and one I hope to resolve in this article.

Korean SIM Cards And Tourist ESIMs At Incheon Airport

Korean SIM Cards And Tourist ESIMs At Incheon Airport 2024

If you’re planning a trip to South Korea, you’ve probably considered getting a Korean SIM card or an alternative, such as an eSIM, pocket WiFi router, or free WiFi. Learn how to get a tourist SIM card at Incheon Airport, what data and call plans are available, how much SIM cards cost, and lots more in this detailed guide. Discover how to stay connected wherever you go in Korea.

Guide To Using Kakao Taxi Without A Korean Phone Number

How To Use Kakao Taxi App To Book Taxis In Korea 2024

Korea has amazing public transport systems which are cheap, run on time, and run regularly. However, for tourists in Korea it's often easier (and sometimes cheaper) to take a taxi between destinations. The good news for foreigners in Korea is that there's a taxi-booking app in Korea called Kakao Taxi that will let you book taxis in English and with no added fees.

T-Money card Korean transportation card

Korea’s T-Money Card: The Ultimate Guide 2024

Want to know where to buy a T-Money Card in Korea? Unfamiliar with how to use the T-Money Card and what the main advantages of it are? Not sure about how to pay for transportation tickets, what the fares will be, and whether you'll have the right change? This guide to the T-Money Card, the best Korean transportation card, will solve all your problems.