Korean Seasons & Weather

Are you travelling to Korea and not sure what to expect from the weather during a certain season? Not sure what to see and do during each of Korea’s unique seasons? Discover the best travel advice for what to see, do, experience, and watch out for in each Korean season with these articles. Korean seasons are distinct and the weather changes quickly and dramatically between each one. See cherry blossoms in spring, visit sandy beaches in summer, walk under crispy autumn foliage in autumn, and hike through snow in winter. Korean seasons offer so much for travellers to Korea.

Rainy Day In Seoul? Indoor Activities for you

Rainy Day In Seoul: 50 Fun Indoor Activities In Seoul 2023

Are you suffering from a rainy day in Seoul that's come along and messed up your well planned trip? Well don't worry, this guide to 30 of the best indoor activities in Seoul has you covered! There's something for everyone, including family fun places, cultural wonders, cozy cafes, and exciting activities you might not even know about.

What To Do On Jeju Island In Winter Jeju Winter Itinerary

What To Do On Jeju Island In Winter: Jeju Winter Itinerary 2023

Thinking about spending 1 week on Jeju Island in winter? Want to plan your perfect Jeju winter itinerary but not sure what there is to do in this season? Not sure if winter is a good time to visit Jeju Island? I want to share my 1 week Jeju Island winter itinerary with you so you can see why winter is still a great time to visit this Natural Wonder of the World.